Burn Boxes

by Onboard Balloon

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I made this album through some pretty dark times in my life. Recording this helped me through them. There were times that I wanted to burn my house and studio down to the fucking ground this year... Funny how death can bring some seriously nasty shit out of us... Super proud of this album, poured everything I had into it and I hope that shows... I made the entire thing on Ableton 8 and Logic Pro 7 with an Akai APC and an AT 20/20 for the vocals. Thanks for the continued support some of you out there keep showing... All of you beautiful people have a great fucking day.


released May 19, 2015

All music and vocals by Lee Willis



all rights reserved


Onboard Balloon Colorado

From the Western Slope of Colorado-
Alcoholdrinker-Poemwriter-Farmer-Turntabler- I create and record a bunch of fucking music at my house. Been at this shit since '04. Member of www.arcadiacrecords.com
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Track Name: Year of the rat
My fukin face hit this place
In the year of the rat
Still Wake up and yak
Stomach acid n xanex
Fuckin biggest disaster
Give a fuck on this planet
Give that fucker a plaque
And try to tell em he matters
And He’ll take a spiked bat
To your mother fuckin chatter box
Write another chapter
This fucking crackers back
With a dagger and no manners
Staggerin toward saturn
Laughed a lot on acid
Grab the bong n pass it
Fuck five O
On that upside tho
i wont be fuckin driven
on the truck ride home
set the spirits
for threats n interferences
blast thru the chaos
caskets fulla bandages
that handed u the payoff
fuckin stay off the lawn
when the séance is on
drugs in your sons
and drunks with guns
doesn’t sound like nothing
but some fuckin fun
the final flames
and the flesh at the funeral
the tidal waves
and the mess it was beautiful
stressed at best
and the rest is disputable
tested and difficult
you don’t get to go
where he sits n plays the fiddle tho
sand in the ceiling
still standin still
silly bitch
handle your feelings
still choking on the brocli
not one sober bone
in this over grown
stone cold body
8% shit beer
Patch the balloon
When we guna get there
Passin the moon
Pour another glass
Half mast at saloon
Drastic improvement
That flask isn’t movin
Snacks on the scraps
It’s a backward illusion
Padlock match box
Burn down the town…
Fuck the poe leece…
Track Name: Fuck what you think
Its always so cold n shit
Ode to the bold
Holdin down the fuckin soulessness
Its only good as gold
If you aint sold it for some fuckin blow
Control it with the potion
That you left out by the roses
All These youngin novices
Don’t know what fuckin broken is
Its hopelessness
Like the pistol shit is loaded
Notice that the fuckin Focus
At it’s lowest since he wrote this shit
Lets play a little game
Called Closest to the lotus
Gets his fuckin coat stolen
My condolences for this
but shit gets old in this abyss
that ferocious little homeless kid
will show you what it is
said u’ve never seen the cold
till ur eatin sweetend rolls
out the street and your sleepin
frozen and no one notices
smoking with the potent
open to some hocus pocus shit
choke the fuckin chosen one
the moment isn’t over yet
kill the fukin motor
this is sober as were guna get
cut the fuckin corners
and crush the Christmas ornaments
like trust in this distorted
twisted bubble that we struggle in…

Watched u take a break
From ur wings today it amazed me
Lately I can safely say
Im stayin mainly wasted
Daisys on the graves
And aint no way that we change it
Leave the place the queens n aces live
Pay the kid
Hazy like the shady
Little place that you first blazed it in
Greatly underestimated
Rainy day safety
Put ur face up on a plaque
Wrap it in a flak jacket
Send it back to the factory
Tap dancing tragedy’s
Can take ur fuckin ankles
Fuck what u think
Happy little tablet bandit
Stricken to the cabin
That capsule was a canvas
The fabric that they cut em frum
Bad habits and gadgets
In this rachet ass establishment
Sharp and double sided
The Darkest Trouble sighted
When u start to bundle brightness
And the stars are in the rubble
The puppet has its victory
Puff n dance with mystery
Slippen in the venom
Of ms.liberty’s trickery
Some sickening history there…
Track Name: Once again
Once again
It’s the coldest clutch Doberman
Owner of some mother fuckin
Roller coaster toaster shit
Smokin like a bum in boulder
Flowin like a super soaker
Fulla fuckin joker piss
Folder fulla gopher spits
Sport a fucking hoodie
They’ll inform local authorities
Four leaf fucking clover
For the floater in the Gunnison
Lower your fucking voice
Send that stoner to a home again
Take a fuckin photo
Of that poser put a poster up
douse it in petroleum
And burn that mother fucker
Keep Sippen on that glycerin
Eatin like a fat kid
skippen his Ritalin
Listen in this kid
Is kicken writtens in the kitchagain
Some Finger lickin shit
Like ur vision of the system is
Colorado nuggets
That are sticky like editions
Of the 40 plus in prisons is
Under the premisis
Livin in this endlessness
Of Wreckless inventors
Defenseless and dead
Once again
Its mr. crippled lizard lips
Lickin up the river
Wither in his fucking bitterness
Tucked Up in the blizzards
fuckin figures it’s a scissor kick
quiver bitch the splinters
keep ur distance from the timber kids
winter in his whiskers
and hes whisperin the differences
fisher in the drifter ship
flippen off ur sisters kids
sitten on the limb
that ur parents used to whip u with
chicken shit im listed
as brickfister in this bitch
in slippers and a snifter
fulla mother fuckin gypsy cum
and a little bita whisky
nifty little liquor face
nasal fulla pixie dust
pick em up he’s freaky….
Track Name: Suck that shit
Bitch Don’t get it twisted
still that distant glitter place
driftin brickfister
in and out your sisters face
fitted for the gift
fuckin lifted off the liquid
mystic little engine
broken pistons in this shit
give a fuck if u listen
this isn’t for u kid
im doin dirty dabs
where the mother fuckin roof is
truth is I give a fuck
a noose and two kids
loose lips kill it
fill it with some fuckin juice
and sum 100 proof
puffin under blue spruces
livin where the moose is
30 acting stupid
And im out of excuses
Doin what I do
So u go fuckin do what u did
Lucid over bullshit
Then ensues the abuse
Its fuckin pitiful
Its verbal and its physical
It could require clinical
Help shit is criminal
In Critical condition
With this cynical shit
Ur so fucking cool
playin festivals kid
stack those fuckin decimals
think lesser of this
just becuz I fuckin write
doesn’t mean I wana spend
half my fukin life
entertainin the lice
and fuckin fakin like I like it
or takin any advice
fuck the fame and all the shit
u people eat up and devour
u fukin disgust me
with the shit that ur bumpin
this day in age
duckin bullshit is something
that little cutter is buzzin again
hes up in ur cuzin
crushing mother fuckers
that he trusted never runnin frum
ugly little ducklings
you get nothing from me
black sea swimming
mother fucker with a gutter stench
upper lip swollen
like the mother fuckin blunt I lit
suck that shit….
Track Name: Burn boxes
So This is what the future is
Just a fukin blooper list
take the fuckin booster kid
Coolin where the couger lives
Pops shootin roosters
Colorful like brutus is
Neuter all the stupid kids
Im lossin all amusement
Got these mother fuckers like
Who the fuck produced this shit
Who you know that’s smoother?
This is tumor in the sewer shit
Anybody fewer
Got the rumor who the shooter is
Show em what you do to this
Sudafed computer lips
Right after I type this shit
I slide inside ur uterus
And die invite the students in
Fucked up in the head
Like everyone of freddy kruegers kids
Lunar shit Out
with the moon sitten stupidest
show u what a loser is
drunken fuckin stupor
intruder on the loose again
nusance with a noose and shit
keeps it super loopy
fuckin poopin on the roof again
numerous exuberant
dudes with the spoon in hand
chewin down the boomers
whos who in this museum
loose ur shit and hit
the fuckin snoozer with the luger shit.. go fuck yourself

user in the freedom pit
see em on some fleein
the police with no reason shit
just another ugly
fuckin winter no obedience
affected by the treasure
isnt sure which way to go with it
he aint goin back
with the rodents And he knows this shit
potion got em floatin
corroded like the motor is
the motorist exploded
with the motive couldn’t hold it in
quoted screaming focus
isn’t only for the brokest
its been open for sum poaching
since these mother fuckers sold the shit
molded into voters
getting old n sippen sodas
gettin relitivly close
fuckin yells into his throat
ugly fuckin smokers
devoted eroded causes
noted that the smoke
is fuckin open to the profit
losses of a normal life
die up in that office
came along way
from takin screens up out the facuet
flawless with the promises
problems in his pocketeses
hes just sits n watches
the fancy little dance
of all the skeletons in closets im off kids. Burn the boxes.
Track Name: Cat food
Fuck these Mental calluses
And Chemical imbalances
I Drive from here to dallas
With some mother fuckin jameison
Flyin thru the mountains
With my Licence invalid
Inviting the malice
This is a minor analysis
Ima find a fukin palace
Eat a salad out the chalice
Slap the mother fucking queen
And tell the king to eat a phallus
Be the foulest shit Spitten
mother fucker on the ballot
in the bracket of the cactuses
fucking flak jacket
and some glasses in my habitat
havoc are the habits
and the madness keeps the mattress wet
a planet filled with sadness
and involuntary panic
sayin fuck all that happens
chasin fast rabbits
with gymnastic apparatuses
savage as a radish is
skippen fuckin practice
rather battle with an addict
at his campus with a match lit
quite the establishment
avid with his status
post a fuckin dick pic
and tag ur fucking dad in it
pass the fuckin abacus
tryin to keep count
of all these mother fuckers mad at this
had it this since these mother fuckers
first passed
that mother fucking cannabis
another fucking accident
the copper killed the activist
badges sat and laughed at it
snap the fucking catalyst
dun rattled up the cattle kids
why so fucking adamant
if anythings inadequate
scrap the fucking sacrament
this shit is goin fabulous
ask a fukin pacifist
for answers on the battlefront
tell em how it happens
accidents are preventable
Track Name: Hold the fire
this isnt missori
thick laughs witchcraft
none short of wizardy
smokin keepin warm
in this creepy fuckin strom
only made it thru the last
few nights cuza certian thoughts
dont hurt them all
just a few with the curtians drawn
made it thru the night
only cuza some of earls songs
world class bong rippen
mother fucking kicken shit
stand beneath the master theif
and factor in the blackbirds
hold the fire...

hold the fire
you wont feela thing
but itll burn a hole earn control
learn the role return to home
and choke the fucking threat

fast driver driftwood
mother fucking star chart
forest written only
sitten lonely
see i witness only phony people
feeding on eachother
soakin wet with blurry eyes
dont forget the worried skies
get up in the morning
and you put on your disguise
sleep walking
kiss the ghost and keep on kid
growin twisted
cold and closed fisted
brakes are broken snakes are smokin
hold the fire...

hold the fire
you wont feela thing
but itll burn a hole earn control
learn the role return to home
and choke the fucking threat

danced and then fell
enhance and exell
fuck that
not a chance in this hell
paint em red hes playin dead
caught in the act
dont tell me u've never been
shot in the back
ur bodys bein told
its freezing cold it openend doors
to pleasue and the violence
this desert is an island
and im stressin since the lesson
hit my mother fucking mind
breakin hearts
in the shade makin art
hold the fire...

hold the fire
you wont feela thing
but itll burn a hole earn control
learn the role return to home
and choke the fucking threat
Track Name: Call it in
How long has it been
Since you did something selfless
Help the helpless
Do as much as you can
before you’re dead
That’s where all of this ends
fill the coffin with coffee
Take off my sox
and roll up my pant legs
just above the knee
Before I put both feet
in that fuckin grave
Watch the microscopic organisms
Swim in and out
of my skin it’s different
Sort of exciting
in a way I guess
We all have our own variety
of entertainment
Just do what’s expected
and shut your fucking mouth
If you aren’t doing
what you love right now
Then you’re already dead
You just don’t smell like it yet
Take some time to tour your mind
Find some things
you’ve been forced to forget
We all stand alone
All of our friendships
and relationships
Have fuckin boundaries
that you could shatter in an instant
Most of you have
How did it feel?
Did it feel good?
Did it feel human?
Did it feel like you’ve used ‘em?
Did it feel like you
were immune to the bruises?
He’s outta the blue
and into the red
Different than pictures
it’s written instead
Rips in his bed
drippin’ the meds
Sick of the infliction
Missing his head
He ain’t seen it in years
The reason for fear
Was fuckin decent
Cuz he’s in there bleeding
he’s fucking scared
Fleeing the beating
meeting the stare
Hollow and empty
Just follow the bottles
and swallow the centipede
don’t worry bout the yellow
fuzzy dots that u see
the state of his wrist
and his wings to be seen
shatter the window
jump into the wind
im just another white kid
whisperin shit
riding the waves
and waiting for the trees to change
swim to the sunset
on that strange shit
follow my storm
im fuckin chasing dragons
down the streets of this state
watch the stars
feels like im feelin
outer space and its pull
not in search of someone
but someone in search of
put it on shirt
and sell it to the merch heads
runnin shit
mother fuckers cant knock it
some pirate in the pocket shit
call the fuckin pilot
spend the night in the mountains
shed some light on what life
is really about then
keeping on the throttle full
audible nonsense
odder than a 3 legged
ox with an otter friend
call it in
it’s the madow of the artist then
hard as livin in
the fucking garden that ur starving in
start again
shit is dark
so u can carve it in ur arm again
its no longer an alarm
this is how it fucking started kids
Track Name: Travel trash
Little pocket treasure rocker
Awkward with the nonsense
Vomit fills the bucket up
And prophets keeps talking
Who the fuck are you
Inside the mirror above the faucet
A godless piece of shit
That isn’t honest with himself
In the other room a goddess
And some Poison in the goblet
And the noise from this annoying
Catastrophic Little promise
Get whats yours
And let yesterday erode
Find a better way to float away
And know the way home
The wings within the winter
Bring a different kind of sting
Whiter than the wasteland
Im pacin thru daily
Letting your voice
Disappear into the void
Welcome to the hell
That we fell into its swell
Where trust don’t mean a thing
And all these fucking people sing
About the gluttony and dreams
Livin in this mess
Is Twisted in a sense
The Innocence at rest
It’ll test ur fucking spine
The struggle isn’t anything
Less than what you make it
Its amazing what a face can do
Say the right things

Traveling thru tragedy
Tradition isn’t real
Tomarrow is a tomb
So she put it on her tongue again
Cause a fuckin ruckus
In love with all this struggling
And bubbling with anger
Tired and tied down
Rewiring my mind
And im Trying to be better
Surrounded by surrender
Out of touch and under weather
Wonder where its coming from
Trash comes with travel
Thinking leads to drinking
And the drinkin leads to battles
Fukin stomach needs a stitch or two
Livin thru this shit
So maybe one day I can visit you
Im missen you
And all that I can I do
Is sit n doodle all this shit
Chicken scratch crap
That’ll never bring u back
It’s a wonder im alive still
Ill try to live up
To half the man that you were
I doubt that I can
But that’s the plan and its stands…..
Track Name: Finish him
Evil locks existence
Near the designer
Akward resistence
Fear and retire
Ear fulla beer
Weird and rewired
Journals to the hero
Earn a little zero
Clone blankets
Flooding the knowledge
Loving what fall is
Sober dolls
And Ugly alcoholics
This odor calls
For rugby animatronics
Had it but lost it
Sanity stockd it
Talkd it out of goin’
Rockin and a rollin
Flockin and its golden
Wasn’t shoppin its stolen
Feathers and all
Thinking it mite be
Better to fall
I swear I never said it
Never said it at all
Unexpected irony
Deputy legs
The individuals heard
Thru the criminals wurd
Make it thru the fire
With minimal burns…

Send it where the sun is
Underestimated rubbish
The planted potential
Of blastin a stencil
Cant think for themselves
Always askin the kindle
Drastic and simple
Hope to see them soon
Dancing with the unattractive
Lethal moon
Movin ur feet
All you gotta do
Is prove the defeat
And soon it will be
Choosing to see
Such graphic thirst
Get attacked in thirds
He aint guna stop
Till that bastard burns
Haul away the holidays
And call it a day
Employed artists
Makin noise in the darkness
Voiceless and sharpend
Avoiding the target…

Spray paint posters
On the policy walls
They aint ghosts
Their oddessy calls
Mission after mission
Getting that tradition
Build it up
Leave it behind
Kill enuff
To feed the design
For the season to fry
Shoulder fights
Cold as ice
Couldn’t muster the pride
To hold his advice
Even tho he was slow
Told it was right
If you tell em to do it
He aint guna do it
Unless it comes with
A free tank of the fluid
Shavin his beard
and makin a druid
connected believer
with his neck at the cleaver
protecting the breather
destin to see her
he wants the lost
wrecked the receiver …..