Burn Boxes

by Onboard Balloon



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So This is what the future is
Just a fukin blooper list
take the fuckin booster kid
Coolin where the couger lives
Pops shootin roosters
Colorful like brutus is
Neuter all the stupid kids
Im lossin all amusement
Got these mother fuckers like
Who the fuck produced this shit
Who you know that’s smoother?
This is tumor in the sewer shit
Anybody fewer
Got the rumor who the shooter is
Show em what you do to this
Sudafed computer lips
Right after I type this shit
I slide inside ur uterus
And die invite the students in
Fucked up in the head
Like everyone of freddy kruegers kids
Lunar shit Out
with the moon sitten stupidest
show u what a loser is
drunken fuckin stupor
intruder on the loose again
nusance with a noose and shit
keeps it super loopy
fuckin poopin on the roof again
numerous exuberant
dudes with the spoon in hand
chewin down the boomers
whos who in this museum
loose ur shit and hit
the fuckin snoozer with the luger shit.. go fuck yourself

user in the freedom pit
see em on some fleein
the police with no reason shit
just another ugly
fuckin winter no obedience
affected by the treasure
isnt sure which way to go with it
he aint goin back
with the rodents And he knows this shit
potion got em floatin
corroded like the motor is
the motorist exploded
with the motive couldn’t hold it in
quoted screaming focus
isn’t only for the brokest
its been open for sum poaching
since these mother fuckers sold the shit
molded into voters
getting old n sippen sodas
gettin relitivly close
fuckin yells into his throat
ugly fuckin smokers
devoted eroded causes
noted that the smoke
is fuckin open to the profit
losses of a normal life
die up in that office
came along way
from takin screens up out the facuet
flawless with the promises
problems in his pocketeses
hes just sits n watches
the fancy little dance
of all the skeletons in closets im off kids. Burn the boxes.
go fuck yourself...


released 25 February 2015



all rights reserved


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Onboard Balloon Colorado

From the Western Slope of Colorado-
Alcoholdrinker-Poemwriter-Farmer-Turntabler- I create and record a bunch of fucking music at my house. Been at this shit since '04. Member of www.arcadiacrecords.com
FOR ALL BOOKING CONTACT onboardballoon@yahoo.com
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